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Børge Mogensen

Designer Borge Mogensen

"My goal is to create items that serve people and give them the leading role, instead of forcing them to adapt to the items" - Børge Mogensen

Børge Mogensen (1914-1972) was a leading exponent of the Danish Modern furniture design movement. He began as a cabinet maker in 1934 and studied furniture design at the Danish School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen from 1936–38. He then trained as an architect at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' School of Architecture graduating in 1942.

After graduation, he worked with Kaare Klint and became the manager of the FDB's furniture design studio. The FDB - or, Fællesforeningen for Danmarks Brugsforeninger - was a co-operative project that aimed to renew Danish furniture culture and create modern, functional and useful furniture that would be affordable for all social classes.

From the establishment of Fredericia Furniture in the late fifties, Mogensen worked closely with the company on several projects. To this day the company are the primary source from which to find his classic furniture designs such as the Hunting Chair and Spanish Lounge Chair.