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Muller Van Severen

create 'Landscapes for Living'. Each object comes to life with use; the human form playing an essential part in the design.

The distinction between art and design narrows when the intention of the creators is not to produce one or the other, but to just create and live. This was very much the case with Muller Van Severen's first collection.

Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen are the couple behind the moniker. Two Belgian visual artists whose collaborative furniture project began as an experiment for Antwerp based Valerie Traan gallery. Their unique approach to furniture as 'landscapes for living' garnered critical acclaim, and their pieces have since become some of the most distinctive and sought-after in contemporary design.

The couple create furniture that transforms space. Works such as their Marble Box, Rocking Chair and Table S, show the duo's instinctive feel for colour, material and form. Known for blending refined marble and brass with more humble elements such as aluminium, plastic and steel wire. Their choice of materials works in tandem with their uncanny knack for simplifying forms and finding a dialogue and sense of play between elements.

Viaduct was first to show Fien & Hannes' work in the UK and we continue our strong relationship with them today, not just as the agent for Valerie Objects with whom they collaborate, but also as a conduit for their more experimental work sold under their own name.

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