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Installation S

Installation S

Installation S

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Creative duo Muller Van Severen create pieces inspired by their everyday lives both living and working together.

Their body of work possesses a consistent aesthetic that is shared by both parts of this artistic collaboration, with pieces that are an assemblage of things they feel and do.

Installation S is a key piece for Fien and Hannes, combining lounge chair, desk, shelving and revolving lamp, it incorporates most of the elements used throughout their 'furniture project' in one cohesive piece.

The frame is plain welded steel with a slung seat in a thick natural hide, which will attain a patina and darken over time. The shelves are made of thick polyethylene, chopping board material in 'health and safety' colours.

Muller Van Severen Installation S Fien Muller Hannes Van Severen
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Muller Van Severen create 'Landscapes for Living'. Each object comes to life with use; the human form playing an essential part in the design.

The distinction between art and design narrows when the intention of the creators is not to produce one or the other, but to just create and live. This was very much the case with Muller Van Severen's first collection. ..

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