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Sam Hecht & Kim Colin

Designer Industrial Facility

Industrial Facility’s desire is to work in a way that improves the things we live with. Not setting out to produce something different but rather something better

Industrial Facility was founded in 2002 by Kim Colin and Sam Hecht, since then the duo has created countless products across all spheres of design. Their clients are a broad church ranging from Established & Sons and Mattiazzi to Muji and electronics brands such as LaCie. They have even designed a piano for Yamaha.

Hecht trained as an industrial designer in London, Colin as an Architect in Los Angeles; it is perhaps the blend of their unique experience that makes them so adept at problem-solving.

Crucially, any Industrial Facility product has certain qualities that make it identifiable as their work. There is their finely distilled aesthetic of course, but more importantly, it’s the ethos underpinning their practice. What they call ‘a duty to ensure the project has not just commercial credibility but also usefulness, appropriateness and longevity.’

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