, as architects of objects, interprets value beginning with craftsmanship.

The New Zealand based company focus on producing timeless, innovative furniture and lighting that reflects how we live and work today.

Founded in 2011 by Simon James and Scott Bridgens, all Resident designs are developed, engineered and fabricated in-house through special infrastructure, which offers them full control over technique, quality and scale.

Standout furniture from the collection for us includes their Offset Stool and Table by Philippe Malouin, which takes an archetypal form and tweaks it ever so slightly.

Their lighting is often sculptural and expressive, capable of defining a space. Their bestselling Hex Pendant Light epitomises this and is equally at home in public or private interiors. We particularly love their Cirque pendant, a unique and technically accomplished system that allows a series of interlocking rings to seemingly 'pass light to and through each other' in delicate interplaying configurations.

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