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Montis Furniture

is a Dutch brand that hails from Dongen, a region known for its leather tanneries. These skills inform the development of each Montis piece.

Dutch furniture company Montis began back in 1974 as three brothers and two craftsmen; an upholsterer and a leather cutter. They named the company Montis after their family origins. Montis being the Latin genitive for ‘monte’, meaning ‘of the mountain.’

Since then the company has grown into an international force, known for its innovative and highly skilled upholsterers and their superior leather knowledge. To this day each sofa and chair are still crafted in the Montis factory which is based in Dongen. This Dutch region is home to some of the worlds most skilled leather tanneries and this knowledge plays a key part in the development of each design.

The Montis collection is extensive, alongside signature pieces such as the Axel Sofa and Impala Chair sit more recent innovations such as the Daley Sofa, Doble Table and Enzo Chair.

Viaduct has been the official Montis UK agent for over 20 years.

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