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Karimoku New Standard

believe a piece of furniture should last at least as long as the tree it was made from.

Karimoku design and produce modern Japanese furniture. The company began as a small woodworking shop in central Japan in 1940 and has grown over the years, collaborating with internationally known designers like Scholten & Baijings, Big-Game and Lucien Gumy.

Karimoku New Standard produce innovative, joyful and functional objects. Staying true to its roots the company utilises its traditional carpentry skills, combining it with cutting-edge technologies to ensure the best possible quality of build.

As well as producing durable, beautiful furniture the company also hope to preserve and revitalise Japanese forests by using sustainably sourced Japanese hardwoods such as maple and chestnut. They also try where possible to use low diameter oak trees that are otherwise often discarded or end up as paper pulp.

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Viaduct is an official UK dealer of Karimoku New Standard furniture.

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