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Niclas Hoflin

Designer Niclas Rubn

'Design should be crafted to last ... I try to achieve that through perfected simplicity; both in the lines that I draw and in my choice of materials.' - Niclas Hoflin

The driving force behind Swedish lighting company Rubn, Niclas Hoflin trained under designer Ole Palsby. It was he who mentored the young designer and encouraged his fascination with lighting to flourish. Hoflin says of his influence "he taught me that everything is connected; People, objects and ideas – they all have to work as a unit."

Hoflin is both the chief designer and director of Rubn, a business he runs with his son and daughter from their base in Southern Sweden. His passion for his work has made him an expert on the qualities of light, as well as the latest technologies available. He has a deep understanding of materials and process.

Hoflin's best-known design to date is the Long John pendant lamp, each of which is handcrafted to order from Rubn's factory in Sweden.