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Daniel Rybakken

Designer Daniel Rybakken

Applying himself to the study and replication of natural daylight, designer Daniel Rybakken creates poetic products and installations. Their subtlety contradicts the rigorous approach to technology and engineering that goes into the making of each design.

Daniel Rybakken has dedicated much of his career to the study of light. His work is elegant, refined and is crucially driven by performance as much as aesthetics.

Born in 1984 in Oslo, Rybakken was subject to the long, dark Nordic winters. This imbued him with a curiosity for light, its appearance and its subconscious effects. He has channelled this curiosity into his designs creating sculptural lamps that utilise the best available technology to achieve his aims of mimicking natural light. Over the years he has worked with companies including E15 furniture, Artek and very closely with the research team at Luceplan on projects such as the Amisol Light.

Rybakken has received numerous awards, including the 'Best of the Best' Red Dot Award in Singapore, 2007; the Anders Jahre's Cultural Prize for Young Artists in Oslo, 2008; the Design Report Award for best designer at Salone Satellite in Milan, 2009 and the Emerging Talent Medal at the 2013 London Design Festival.