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Stellar Works

was established to bring together ideas; East and West, heritage and modernity, craft and industry.

Stellar Works began in 2012, inspired by the idea of bringing about a renaissance of the traditional motifs and forms of Asian design heritage, relooking at the processes and aesthetics of Japanese design and filtering through a European lens to create a new style for a contemporary audience.

Led creatively by design team Neri & Hu who are based in both Shanghai and London, the collection reflects their own multicultural experience.

"We have chosen this path between the old and the new because I believe good design is timeless design. Stellar Works aims to be timeless." - Yuichiro Hori, CEO and Founder

Stellar Works manufacture in Shanghai and are committed to operating with a transparent supply chain and responsible use of materials.

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Viaduct is an official UK dealer of Stellar Works furniture.

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