have a past and present steeped in a rich culture of innovation and experimentation

In the exciting, creative environment of Italy in the late forties, a company called Arflex was formed by three Pirelli technicians and a young architect named Marco Zanuso.

Born from a desire to experiment with plastic tape and foam rubber, the team spent two years refining and building their first furniture piece, Zanuso's Lady Chair which launched at the Milan Triennale IX to critical acclaim, receiving the gold medal for design.

Close connections with industry and technology meant Arflex developed not only furniture but also innovative upholstery solutions for the automotive industry. The cross-pollination of ideas between the two was fruitful, leading to the application of innovative new approaches they then applied to the creation of sofas and chairs.

Throughout their history Arflex have teamed up with many a celebrated designer; Carlo Brassi, Joe Columbo, Michele De Lucchi and Studio Sottsass to name just a few. In recent years the company have worked closely with the likes of Claesson Koivisto Rune on the Hug Armchair, and Jules and Jim Chairs, building on their heritage to produce modern Italian furniture for a contemporary audience.

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