director Alessandro Sarfatti share of their design philosophy "We must work in all directions, and in each one find a small amount of innovation"

Astep's lighting collection is a curious blend of tradition and technology intertwined with a family story. Alessandro Sarfatti is the grandson of Gino and son of Riccardo. Gino Sarfatti founded legendary Italian lighting company Arteluce in 1939 and Riccardo was a co-founder of the similarly innovative Luceplan.

With all this history, it’s perhaps not surprising that Alessandro would in time create his own lighting company, and so he has with Astep. As with his father and grandfather, the emphasis is on innovation and creating lamps that reflect the times in which they are made. Sarfatti says "In a world in which digital solutions are increasingly pervasive in our daily life, Astep aspires to combine the quality of life that new technologies offer, with the respect for people, objects and the environment that has always been at the core of good design."

Their two contemporary lights, the Candela lamp and Nox are very much physical expressions of this philosophy. The company also combines these new developments with re-edited classics such as the VV Cinquanta Suspension Light by Vittoriano Viganò and work with Flos on the 'Flos with Sarfatti' range, a selection of reworked Gino Sarfatti lights such as the Model 2065.

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Viaduct was first to show the work of Astep in the UK as part of our exhibition Show 14 in 2016.

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