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Excite with simplicity is the driving force behind Santa & Cole

The company founded by Nina Masó, Gabriel Ordeig Cole and Javier Nieto Santa began in 1985, when together with a small group of friends and family members, started a small company to produce objects they liked. The brand considers their role to be 'editors' paying tribute to the creativity of the designers they choose to work with. The company are most known for their lighting, but also produce furniture and books. 

Every Santa & Cole 'edit' is created with an innate understanding of how it will be used. In the case of lighting, the company believe 'Light illuminates, and flatters, and accompanies moments in our lives.' Therefore each product is calibrated, working closely with the  designer, to fulfill these goals.

Central to Santa & Cole's identity is their location, A converted 1960's boarding school in Belloch, just outside of Barcelona. The spectacular building and surrounding nature are a fitting backdrop to their work, telling stories and histories via the medium of design. 

Many of Santa and Cole's lighting pieces are globally recognisable and a part of the fabric of their locality. Their street lights line the wide streets of Barcelona sitting alongside Gaudi's architectural creations. Their Estadio and Cirio lights can be found in contemporary spots such as design hotel Casa Bonay. Their Tripode Lamp is much imitated across the world but never rivalled, not least because precise attention to detail in its design. A company commitment reflected in the glasses of their logo.

Viaduct is an official UK dealer of Santa & Cole furniture and lighting.  

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Tripode G5 Floor Lamp
Equipo Santa & Cole for Santa & Cole
Was £516 Now £439

Tripode G5 Floor Lamp image

Tripode G5 Floor Lamp

Designer Equipo Santa & Cole
Manufacturer Santa & Cole

More than 20 years after it was first designed the Tripode G5 Floor Light remains one of Santa & Cole's bestselling lamps. It's ribbon lampshade offers a burst of colour and a warm diffuse light that accents rather than dominates a space.

Was £516 Now £439

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