Black Hole Wall/Ceiling Light

Black Hole Wall/Ceiling Light

Atelier Areti fuse science and design in the striking and multi-functional Black Hole light

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Product Story

In physics, the Penrose diagram captures the causal relations between different points in spacetime.

When Gwendolyn Kerschbaumer happened upon a diagram of a black hole in one of her husband's papers, the seed for the Black Hole light was planted. With crossing lines representing the horizon of a black hole, this unique light artfully merges science and design.

Both visually and conceptually appealing, the Black Hole Wall/Ceiling Light is made with either polished brass or black powder-coated metal and glass, which is projected out from the wall in front of the light source. Wherever you choose to place your Atelier Areti light, it is sure to command the attention of a room.

Atelier Areti Black Hole Wall Ceiling Light Gwendolyn Guillane Kerschbaumer
Atelier Areti Black Hole Wall Ceiling Light Brass 2 Gwendolyn Guillane Kerschbaumer
Atelier Areti Black Hole Wall Ceiling Light Black 2 Gwendolyn Guillane Kerschbaumer

Atelier Areti 's Gwendolyn Kerschbaumer believes 'Certain qualities will always be stylish because they speak to essential desires and needs we all share'

Atelier Areti is a design studio established by sisters Gwendolyn & Guillane Kerschbaumer. The duo grew up in Innsbruck, Austria where their mother surrounded them with a diverse and eclectic collection of objects that drew them both to a career in design.

Following their studies, both sisters working in Interior Design and Architecture which gave them a deep understanding of lighting can inform and interact with its environment.

In 2008 they launched their first collection under the name Atelier Areti, 'Areti' is the Greek word for excellence. Their designs are striking i...

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