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Ferdinand Kramer

Designer Ferdinand Kramer

Designer and architect Ferdinand Kramer felt a deep, life-long connection to the Bauhaus people, to the young, internationally artistic avant-garde.

Ferdinand Kramer was born in Frankfurt, Germany. In 1916 he began to study architecture in Munich and in 1919 he attended the Bauhaus in Weimar. However, he returned to Munich after a few months due to being disappointed with the lack of regular architectural training.

From 1930, he worked as a freelance architect and in 1938, he moved to the USA, where he developed his successful DIY “knockdown” furniture. Kramer returned to Frankfurt in 1952, where he planned the university buildings. From 1964 he continued his work in his own office and planned projects such as Frankfurt’s City and University Library. In 2012, working closely with Kramer’s family and the archives, e15 debuted twelve of his iconic designs from various creative periods between 1925 and 1959.

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