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Bernard-Albin Gras

Designer Bernard Albin Gras

​Bernard-Albin Gras’ talented and visionary design has proven to be timeless.​

Engineer and inventor Bernard-Albin Gras was born in Saint-Raphaël, France, in 1886. He was a visionary who developed designs often far ahead of their time in terms of innovation.

His now iconic Lampe Gras lamps produced by DCW éditions are a perfect example of this. Designed in 1921, the Gras Lamp as it became known was a simple, robust and yet very ergonomic design. It is considered to be the 20th Century's first articulated light.

Characterised by a basic form that required no welding or screws. His design was appreciated by contemporaries such as Le Corbusier who used the light in his own studio, as well as in his architectural projects. The lamp was also popular with other designers and artists such as Eileen Gray, Sonia Delaunay and Georges Braque.