create lighting with deep respect for this most basic human need — expressed through aesthetics, technology and resource conservation.

Magnus Wästberg launched his eponymously named lighting company in his home of Sweden in 1998. The launch was accompanied by a manifesto named 'Lamps for Neanderthal Man.'.

Drawing inspiration from the writer August Strindberg's line 'The electric light will make people work themselves to death.' Wästberg outlined his ethos and beliefs that brought the company into being.

The company draw on history, technology and the vision of their designers to produce lighting that is human-centric. Working with the likes of Inga Sempé, Nendo and Claesson Koivisto Rune to produce thoughtful, considered solutions that enhance the human experience and respect the environment.

Whether it's a task light made from a new biologically sourced renewable plastic such as their Winkel 127 or redesigned the archetypal industrial shade with Dalston by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin; Wästberg continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Viaduct was one of the first companies to sell Wästberg's collection to the UK and launched Ilse Crawford's collection for them in 2011. You can see Ilse and Magnus Wastberg speak at our event in this short film.

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