Designer Nendo

Nendo - "We believe these small '!' moments are what make our days so interesting, so rich...We’d like the people who’ve encountered Nendo's designs to feel these small '!' moments intuitively."​​

Founded in 2002, Japanese design collective Nendo create designs that delight. As prolific as they are creative, principle designer Oki Sato has said that the group work on up to 400 projects simultaneously. Their output is often described as minimal yet always carries a small hint of humour that keeps their work warm and approachable.

In Japanese, the word 'Nendo' means soft free-formed clay. A metaphor employed by Sato and the other founders to describe the way they prefer to work; always looking for innovative, flexible and exciting ways to approach any design problem.

Loved in equal measure by industry and the public, their annual show at the Milan Furniture Fair draws huge crowds, excited by their creativity, collective spirit and sense of theatre. They are also the recipients of several design awards including Wallpaper magazine's 'Designers of the Year' award. Nendo's work also features in several major collections such as MOMA New York, and London's own Design Museum.

Nendo has worked with furniture companies such as Cappellini, Fritz Hansen and Desalto, as well as designing lighting for Flos, Vibia and Wästberg.