Carbon Bar Stool

Carbon Bar Stool

Designer: Bertjan Pot
Manufacturer: Moooi

Bertjan Pot's handwoven Carbon Bar Stool strikes an ideal balance between transparency and strength

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Product Story

With its bold lines and distinct construction, the Carbon Bar Stool is a 3D incarnation of a carbon copy paper sketch. Designed by Bertjan Pot, it is primarily crafted from carbon fibre and resin, with just small connecting parts made of steel. 

Requiring great skill in its production, the resin-dipped carbon fibres are hand-wrapped around a series of pins on a mould, then left to set and form the bar stool's shell. The legs, made from the same resin coated fibres, are coiled to allow for greater stability while still allowing for the fluidity of the design. This unusual use of materials makes for a lightweight and eye-catching bar stool that suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Moooi Carbon Bar Stool Set Bertjan Pot
Moooi Carbon Bar Stool Side Bertjan Pot
Moooi Carbon Bar Stool Back Bertjan Pot
Moooi Carbon Bar Stool Seat Detail Bertjan Pot

Moooi 's Creative Director shares, ‘We don't tell designers what to do, we listen to what designers want to make, try to realise their dreams.’

Moooi is the Dutch word for beautiful, and it is this beauty via creative expression that Moooi pursues with every piece in their collection.

The collection is diverse and often times eccentric. The company have a reputation for creating avant-garde lighting solutions that not just illuminate but define a space. Their delicate Heracleum series and Raimond Pendant light are just two examples of how Moooi try to add a little magic and poetry to a room. 

The company also push boundaries with their use of materials, their uncomparably light Carbon Chair designed by View all products

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