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Sabine Marcelis

Designer Sabine Marcelis

The hallmark of Sabine Marcelis' work lies in its pure forms that accentuate the properties of materials.

Born in the Netherlands, Sabine Marcelis has designed for brands including Established & Sons, CC-Tapis and Arco. Her studio is based in Rotterdam.

Marcelis strives to capture transient moments of light and movement in her work by transforming resin, glass and wood into luminescent and dynamic pieces. She applies a strong aesthetic point of view to her collaborations with industry specialists, allowing her to intervene in the manufacturing process.

Through material research and experimentation, she achieves new and surprising visual effects for projects. Marcelis considers her designs to be true sensorial experiences, transcending mere static works, where the experience itself becomes the function, embodying a refined and unique aesthetic.