Birger Dahl

Designer Birger Dahl

Birger Dahl is an acclaimed Scandinavian mid-century lighting designer and interior architect.

Award-winning designer Birger Dahl (1916-98) was a pioneer of contemporary Scandinavian lighting. Dahl's most recognisable works come from the mid-century period, a time of great innovation and craftsmanship in Scandinavian design.

Dahl's career took off when he became Head of Design at lighting firm Sønnico. It was there that he designed his Dokka Lamp, the first Norwegian-designed light to win a coveted Gold Medal Award at the Triennale Di Milano.

Dahl is also considered to be one of Norway’s leading post-war interior architects. He was known for his love of strict geometric forms that he softened with gentle contours. Dahl's emphasis was always on purity of form, eschewing decorative details in favour of celebrating the essential. His timeless approach means his designs remain popular today, and his lighting designs such as Dokka, Birdy and Dahl have been brought back into production by Northern.

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