's collection features many pieces that typify the creativity and innovation of Italian mid-century design belong to.

'We didn't realise we were creating what is today called Italian Design and that our products would be the pieces that determined its history and development. Enthusiasm and spontaneity were the driving force of our work. Intuition prevailed over reason.' - Aurelio Zanotta

Many of the furniture pieces that typify Italian mid-century design belong to Zanotta's collection. Since their beginnings in 1954 as a sofa and chair company, the company worked with revered, experimental designers such as Enzo Mari, Achille Castiglioni and Bruno Munari, on iconic pieces such as Castiglioni's Mezzadro stool.

As the company beginnings may suggest one of their many strengths is upholstery design and manufacture, their William Sofa and Talamo bed are both great examples of their expertise.

In addition to their classic pieces the company continue to work with new designers, we especially love their recent work with Frank Rettenbacher on the June and Judy chairs. Both nod to mid-century lineage but carry a sense of modern proportion and geometry.

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Viaduct has worked with Zanotta as an official UK dealer for over twenty-five years.

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