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Please Wait To Be Seated

: 'We push things forward while tipping our hats to those who came before and got it right.'

PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED are a Danish design company formed in 2014 by former interiors photographer Thomas Ibsen. In 2016 Ibsen was joined by Peter Mahler Sørensen as CEO and co-owner.

The duo promote the idea of future classics. Before any piece can be added to their collection it must pass the following test: 'Will this design in its entirety, become a long-lasting object, we someday can pass on to our children?'

As a result, this small but exciting range contains pieces by some of the most interesting design practitioners working today. Dutch duo Os & Oos, Mette Schelde, the Bouroullec brothers and Faye Toogood are just a few who have pieces in the PWTBS range.

Alongside contemporary pieces such as the Planet Lamp, the company also have the licence to produce the Eiermann desk and chairs, Danish design classics from the 1950's.

Viaduct are an official dealer of PWTBS products.

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