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travels the world uncovering manual techniques, culture and craft heritage, applying this first-hand knowledge in the creation of rugs.

The research into different tools, looms and artisanal techniques allows the brand to constantly learn and grow, which is palpable in all its products.

Nature is undoubtedly the main source of inspiration.

Shade, for example, is inspired by the magical moments in nature, when colours melt and speak for themselves. In the same way that colours flow in the sky, the Shade rugs achieve an intricate and emotional gradient. The flat-weave Shade rug generates an incredible and well-rounded diffusion of colour. The surface releases a sense of tranquillity and wellbeing that is balanced by the penetrating vibration of colours.

Viaduct is an official UK dealer of Nani Marquina rugs.

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You can see a film of Nani discussing her design philosophy here at the showroom as part of London Design Festival 2018 over at our journal.

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