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Lambie & Van Hengel

Designer Lambie Van Hengel

Don't look for innovation in a shape, but in the void that the shape creates - Ralf Lambie

Lambie & Van Hengel is a collaboration between designers Ralf Lambie and Johan van Hengel. They work in various fields of design but focus on designing objects for everyday living. Their collaboration is a permanent dialogue in which they draw upon different backgrounds in industrial design, architecture and brand strategy. In their first year of collaboration, they won the Elle Wonen Design Talent Award with their side table Tor for Montis.

A problem-solver by both nature and training, Van Hengel’s investigative approach is driven by a desire to enrich everyday objects with new layers of sophistication, individuality and meaning. With a focus on function, materiality and technique, Van Hengel invests everyday shapes and objects with a subtle element of surprise. As a solo designer, he has worked with Hay on the 30 Degrees Pendant and Muuto's Folded Shelves.

Ralf Lambie is a furniture and product designer from the Netherlands. He tackles all manner of creative challenges, ranging across objects, furniture and brand experiences. His design ethos is based on observations, utility and honest use of materials.