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, the name, alludes to the beauty of efficient, sustainable, high quality industrial production.

Stockholm based Massproductions aim to produce a smart, contemporary toolbox for architects and interior designers with their collection.

Formed out of a love for products over branding. After designing for others for a decade, designers Magnus Elebäck and Chris Martin decided in 2009 to found the company so that they could have more control over the production process. Launching with the Tio chair that remains a bestseller to this day.

Concerned that furniture is being consumed in a similar way to fast fashion, the company take sustainability seriously; manufacturing out of a single material where possible, or ensuring they are easily separable for recycling. The wood is sourced from sustainable forests and wherever possible recycled material is used. Safe glues and paints are, of course, used throughout. Their aim is always to produce their range of sofas, chairs and tables with minimal waste of materials and energy.

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