is a brand, but first and foremost a laboratory, whose strengths are the skills and know-how of expert craftsman

Lapalma, began as a family business in the 1980's, producing furniture for offices and public spaces, with a preference from the outset for using natural, recyclable materials. Today the company has designer Francesco Rota at the helm as Art Director.

Their Italian base is a hub of research and technology, and the company is committed to using 100% raw recyclable or natural materials. Every single Lapalma product can potentially be turned back into raw material through disassembly and recycling. Their roof is comprised of photovoltaic panels to reduce the impact their production has on the environment.

Key pieces from the Lapalma collection include the Lem Stool, Brio Tables and designed Olo Chair.

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Viaduct is an official UK dealer of Lapalma furniture.

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