Gioielli Wall Light

Gioielli Wall Light

Geometric and expressive forms fuse with technology and in the Gioielli light

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Product Story

This sculptural piece from Giopato & Coombes uses metal and artisan glass from the Venetian island of Murano, with each component containing direct or indirect light.

The emerald green light has battuto finish, whereby the glass is ground to different depths to create tiny facets in the surface of the material. The impressive brass disk is cast using the lost-wax technique, where the metal is poured into a mold crafted from wax which is then melted and drained away.

The textured effect on the end piece is achieved through meticulous hand work. The combination of textures, techniques and colours make the Gioielli light truly unique, and an eye-catching statement piece.

Giopato And Coombes Gioielli 03 Wall Light
Giopato And Coombes Gioielli 07 Wall Light
Giopato And Coombes Gioielli 05 Wall Light
Giopato And Coombes Gioielli Wall Light Lens Detail
Giopato And Coombes Gioielli Wall Light Green Glass Detail

Giopato & Coombes create dramatic, sculptural lighting that fuse the skills of Italian artisans with the latest technological developments

Cristiana Giopato and Christopher Coombes are the Italian/English couple behind Giopato & Coombes. Their design studio works across product, graphics, architecture and interiors. The  cross pollination of these ideas often informs their lighting designs.

The duo have built up a network of Italian artisans whose craft skills play a key role in producing each design. An early example is the Bolle Chandelier; a series of delicate hand-blown bubbles illuminated by soft spot leds. Each 'bubble' is hand-blo...

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