Maria Bruun

Designer maria bruun

Furniture designer Maria Bruun combines a soft and intuitive approach with hands-on design.

Copenhagen-based designer Maria Bruun works across furniture and interior design. Bruun develops her concepts both alone and alongside skilled craftspeople, feeling that closeness to craft aids the intuitive design process. However, Bruun is also fascinated by the idea of innovation and wants to forge a new design movement in Denmark. In 2019, she discussed her feelings on Scandinavia's design legacy with Dezeen:

"We respect and we stand on the shoulders of the midcentury classics. It's part of the whole aesthetic and what makes us us. But it is time for something new. I believe that very strongly." She added, "Danish design has a completely new generation coming up that is ready to take that heritage to new places."

Bruun is co-founder of RE F O R M Design Biennial a biannual platform for emerging design talents. She is also half of the duo MBADV that works with objects in the cross-field between art, architecture and design.

The designer has recently launched the Islet series with Danish brand Fredericia, a series of tables that balance a visually light yet bold aesthetic.