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Jörg Schellmann

Designer Jorg Schellman

Designer, gallerist and publisher Jörg Schellmann creates aesthetic products of radical simplicity, understanding functionality as a matter of course.

Jörg Schellmann is a German furniture designer and founder of Art publishing company, Schellmann Art (formerly, Edition Schellmann). He refers to his designs as "micro-architectural objects" that reflect the characteristics of the minimal and conceptual art movements that inform his work.

His repertoire of shapes is also guided by the principles of industrial production. The result is a series of furniture and design objects that are sculptural in form, with minimal use of materials that celebrate and expose methods of construction.

Schellman collaborated with german design brand e15 Furniture to produce the wooden table Platz, wooden bench Sitz and the metal shelving system Profil, which perfectly complement the e15 collection due to their subtle and reduced composition.