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Form Us With Love

Designer Form Us With Love

Form Us With Love - “We are driven by an idea-focused approach to design, where experimentation and cross-border projects are encouraged. Important aspects of our philosophy include durability, curiosity, and humanism.”

Form Us With Love is a Stockholm-based multidisciplinary design and interior architecture studio. Their work has won several prestigious awards such as the Red Dot and Young Swedish Design Award. Several of their designs have participated in exhibitions at venues like MoMA and the Swedish National Gallery.

Founded in 2005 by Jonas Pettersson and John Löfgren, the now eight-strong team works across several design disciplines including lighting, furniture, acoustic and interior design. They consider themselves to not have a 'house style'. Instead they let the problem at hand, and the available materials and resources, define the solutions to their briefs. The result is an eclectic mix of products that make them incredibly popular with both emerging and established brands alike.

Over the years Form Us With Love have produced furniture and lighting for companies such as Muuto, Ikea, Mitab and Hem.