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Folke Pålsson

Designer Folke Palsson

Democratic, functional design was at the heart of Folke Pålsson's work with the FDB furniture collective.

Folke Pålsson was part of the FDB design collective led by Børge Mogensen, who aimed to make well designed, modern functional furniture available to all. A movement that sprung up after the end of the Second World War, the group are revered in their native Denmark for their distinctive, functional designs.

In 2011, contemporary Danish furniture company Hay brought several of the iconic J series pieces designed by Folke Pålsson, Poul M. Volther and Jorgen Baekmark back into production. The company felt the timeless designs should be shared with a contemporary audience. The move proved a huge success for the company, the J series range has since become one of the most popular in the Hay collection.