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Designer David Weeks Studio

David Weeks -"It sounds corny but when you start designing you just notice little things, like a doorknob that feels wrong or the way a lock closes. You start critiquing everything. It’s also about materials. When you see a material bend a certain way you get an instant idea of what you could do with it. The studio in Brooklyn was very much designed to make those experiments possible."

Originally from Athens, Georgia, David Weeks moved to Providence to study at the respected Rhode Island School of Design. He moved to NYC upon graduation with the intention of becoming a painter.

He found himself as an apprentice to jewellery designer Ted Muehling instead, and it was through this experience he discovered a deep affinity with metalwork, shifting his focus from art to design objects.

In 1996, he founded 'David Weeks Studio' as a vehicle for his experiments across many disciplines, from metalwork and woodwork to contemporary toy culture. His products are diverse, ranging from wooden toys such as the Mr B developed in conjunction with e15 furniture, to his sculptural lighting pieces.