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House of Finn Juhl

“Art has always been my main source of inspiration. I am fascinated by shapes which defy gravity and create visual lightness.” - Finn Juhl

Finn Juhl was among the most celebrated designers of the mid-century Danish design movement. Famed for his process, Juhl designed by measuring his own body and analysing how the individual components of the chair should carry the human form, the results were fluid organic forms, encapsulated in teak and smooth upholstery that proved a huge success in both Denmark and across the world.

House of Finn Juhl are officially licenced by his estate to produce 40 of his most celebrated designs including the Poet Sofa, Japan Chair and the Chieftain Chair. All of their upholstered items are entirely hand-sewn in the same Danish tradition as the original design.

Finn Juhl’s dilemma was that many of his furniture designs called for technical solutions, which were not invented yet. So, when called for, the company have chosen to use modern technology, which goes hand-in-hand with excellent craftsmanship in order to make Juhl’s visions come true.

The intricately shaped wooden frames in the Chieftain Chair for instance, are masterly crafted by skilled Japanese craftsmen in Yamagata. Without this approach, it would not be possible to achieve the fantastic finish and delicate detail that was Finn Juhl’s trademark.

Viaduct is an official UK dealer of House of Finn Juhl furniture.

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