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De La Espada

have a strong belief in the power of design to transform people’s lives, and their furniture is created with this in mind.

"De La Espada products are imbued with warmth and meaning brought by the hands that bear them."

De la Espada's dining chairs, sofas and tables all convey a contemporary design sensibility. The company specialise in solid wood furniture designs that are handcrafted in their factory in Northern Portugal.

The De La Espada collection is characterised by close relationships with a small group of designers including Studioilse, Neri & Hu and Matthew Hilton. These close bonds foster relationships that produce exceptional designs, with a true appreciation of material and process. While each studio has a unique creative narrative, there is a common thread that runs through all De La Espada furniture; the emotional connection is valued equally to function.

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Viaduct is an official London retailer for De La Espada.

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