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Davide Groppi

lamps embody simplicity, weightlessness, emotion and creative ingenuity.

'We don’t feel tied down by technical aspects, the colour of a product or the material used. The sky’s the limit with us. It’s the idea that’s important. We want our lamps to reflect our search for the perfect light, our honesty, our stories, our passion. What we do looks simple, at times even less than basic, but I can assure you that austerity is the result of a complete and complex method of research.' - Davide Groppi

Italian lighting company Davide Groppi, create lighting solutions that deceive the user with their simplicity and minimalism of form. What lies beneath is layers of complex research and technical expertise that mean each light is impeccably finished and designed to last.

Their lights can be poetic and theatrical, such as their Moon pendant light, or Infinito a thin stip that cuts through space. Others such as Teatet and the Miss Pendant are designed to provide precisely targeted and optimised light, for instance illuminating a table in a restaurant.

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Viaduct has worked closely with Davide Groppi as an official UK dealer for many years and presented a showcase of their most recent collection for the 2017 London Design Festival.

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