28.37 Cluster Pendant Light

28.37 Cluster Pendant Light

Designer: Omer Arbel
Manufacturer: Bocci

Bocci's 28 Cluster pendant multiplies mouth-blown glass spheres to maximum effect 



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Product Story

The elements of Bocci's 28 Series pendants are created using a complex glass blowing technique, whereby air pressure is intermittently introduced into and then removed from a glass matrix.

Heated and then rapidly cooled, the result is a distorted glass sphere with a collection of inner shapes in contrasting colours.

The components of the 28 Cluster light are designed to collect in a hexagonal composition, nestled into each other to create a striking individual pattern. The configuration listed here is made with clear glass spheres and a milk white interior. Custom 28 Cluster lights can also be made, with a wide variety of colour compositions, sizes and shapes. Cast glass is an organic process, imperfect by nature, and each 28 is handmade, making every piece unique.

Suitable for residential and commercial use, the 28 Series offers flexibility in both design and measure, starting from a single pendant through to 37 pendant chandeliers. Bocci also offer a custom service if a larger configuration is needed. If you would like a bespoke light, please email info@viaduct.co.uk or call our showroom on 020 7278 8456.

Bocci 28 Series Cluster Pendant Light Omer Arbel
Bocci 28 Series Pendant Light Group Omer Arbel
Bocci 28 3 Pendant Light Clear Milk White Omer Arbel
Bocci 28 15 Pendant Light Rectangular Ceiling Plate Omer Arbel
Bocci 28 Series Pendant Light Detail Omer Arbel
Bocci 28 3 Pendant Light Green Omer Arbel
Bocci 28 3 Pendant Light Omer Arbel
Bocci 28 7 Pendant Light Reds Omer Arbel
Bocci 28 7 Pendant Light Omer Arbel
Bocci 28 18 Pendant Light Omer Arbel
Bocci 28 Series Pendant Light Large Cluster Omer Arbel

Bocci 's profound understanding of the inherent craft and beauty of glassblowing is borne out in every light they produce.

Founded by Omer Arbel in a red barn surrounded by hay on the periphery of Vancouver. The co-operative company launched with just the 14 series. Since then it has gone from strength to strength, expanding and diversifying the collection, in addition to creating a European base in Berlin.

Each series in the collection explores the intrinsic mechanical, physical and chemical qualities of its materials as a fundamental departure point. For instance, the chand...

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